yè shanghai Opens in K11 Musea with New and Innovative Creations

yè shanghai Opens in K11 Musea with New and Innovative Creations

Known for its salute to Shanghai nights of many moons ago, Elite Concepts has relocated the much-loved yè shanghai to a brand new Kowloon location in K11 Musea. From this June, diners can experience the architecture, ambience, artwork and intoxicating tastes of Shanghai in the stylish new K11 Musea while overlooking Victoria Harbour.


With a total of 13 Michelin stars and a time-honored history of over 20 years in Hong Kong, Taipei and Shanghai, yè shanghai for the first time ever has added an extensive new dim sum menu to the offering, along with numerous innovative new à la carte signature dishes created for the new K11 Musea location.

From Dim Sum to Shanghainese Delicacies, Chef Sze Presents New Signatures Inspired by Hong Kong Flavours

The new dim sum menu embodies a culinary journey through the past, present and future of Middle Eastern China. One of the must-try dim sum is the Crab Roe Meat Bun (HK$120) a traditional Chinese bun filled with a deliciously simple mixture of pork and fresh Shanghai hairy crab.

With various new à la carte signature dishes, the 150-seat restaurant will showcase the authentic tastes of Shanghai, blended with modern Western elements and tastes of Hong Kong. Embracing culinary styles of braising, roasting, quick-frying and steaming, long-standing Head Chef Sze Man Sui will serve new modern interpretations of sumptuous Chinese signature delicacies.

Having led the kitchen at yè shanghai since the opening in 1998, Chef Sze introduces an advanced à la carte menu including new creations like the Shanghai Rice Cake with Eight Treasures (HK$220). A take on the traditional ‘eight treasures’ dish, including eight key ingredients; pork, chicken, water chestnuts, sea cucumbers, bamboo shoots and mushrooms, topped with fresh and dried shrimp. The combination of this authentic sauce with the popular rice cakes brings an energetic bite to the mixed texture of crispy chestnuts and juicy pork.

Inspired by the traditional minced pork patty – a Hong Kong favourite – the Steamed Minced Pork with Cod Fish (HK$220) is another new addition to the menu. With the codfish adding to the layers of the meat pie, guests can taste the umami of salty fish and the juicy texture of the pork simultaneously.


The warm Sautéed Shredded Mandarin Fish (HK$320), one of the most popular Mandarin fish dishes around. Chef cuts the white fish into thin slices to resemble shredding, the dish is then authentically cooked over a high heat to enhance the simple salty flavour of the fish.


Cold dishes added to the newly elevated menu, also include innovative Bean Curd Skin Rolls with Avocado (HK$80); fresh and buttery avocado is rolled within a homemade bean curd skin to form small parcel-like appetizers. In another favourite, mushrooms are marinated in a homemade scallion oil and stacked into delicate towers on the plate. These King Oyster Mushrooms with Spring Onion Sauce (HK$128) are then served cold with thinly sliced red chilli.offering traditional yè shanghai favourites and authentic dishes, the Sliced Pork Terrine Served with Zhejiang Black Vinegar (HK$70) and Stir-fried River Shrimps (HK$188) define Shanghainese cuisine. The succulent Braised Beef Ribs with Special Sauce (HK$340) are impressively presented atop beef rib and drizzled with homemade special sauce. The dish is topped with a bright salad of spring onion, chilli and sesame seeds to balance the richness of the meat and bring a fresh touch to the sauce.


The metropolis of Shanghai is a jewel of style, culture and cuisine, influenced by its surrounding provinces, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. A vision designed by EC Studio and across two floors, the restaurant offers breathtaking views overlooking the west side of Kowloon and Victoria Harbour, the K11 location welcomes guests into the bright and airy first floor dining room, centered around the large square bar area. Here, guests are can enjoy everything from original Shanghainese dim sum and freshly baked pastries, to afternoon tea sets and a selection of wines and cocktails, all from within the modern art deco-inspired space and expansive outdoor terrace.

Downstairs, the restaurant exudes warmth and intimacy with plush booth seating and private dining areas hidden by heavy curtains, the high-class restaurant is reminiscent of traditional Chinese banquets. With circular tables and white tablecloths, guests can immerse themselves in 20th century China with exceptional cuisine, service and décor.


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