Pierre-Yves Rochon: Breathing New Life into Historic Properties

Pierre-Yves Rochon: Breathing New Life into Historic Properties

Interior architectural design firm Pierre-Yves Rochon (PYR) has built its 40 year-long reputation on renovating and restoring historic hotel properties worldwide. Implementing a unique process of deep research and discovery, PYR produces results that are respectful, authentic, and distinguished. Two perfect examples from PYR’s portfolio are renowned luxury jeweler Boucheron’s flagship store and the legendary Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris.

Restoring the Boucheron property involved delicately excavating three centuries of Parisian history. Boucheron had owned 26 Place Vendôme since 1893, and even then it could have been considered an historical property. The building’s story goes all the way back to 1717, when it originally opened as the Hôtel de Nocé.

The vision was to evoke a profound sense of the building’s long history while giving it new life with a modern touch. Pierre-Yves Rochon, Founder and Global Design Director of PYR says, “Boucheron is designed like a private Parisian palace where guests can discover the most exclusive jewelry experience. Its layout feels like a classical French residence. Each room has its own unique character and history. Authentic antique furniture pieces mix with contemporary ones, as if each generation has left its own mark within their family home.”

In order to achieve this, mezzanine floors and false ceilings that had accumulated in the building over the centuries were removed. A staircase dating back to the 18th century was uncovered—after years of being hidden behind walls for use only by employees—and was meticulously restored to its former glory.Four Seasons Hotel George V, ParisOther legacy elements were brought into the spotlight, like the Louis XV-style walnut wood paneling that Boucheron installed in the Grand Salon in 1893. The entire scene basks in the glow of a chandelier custom designed by PYR and made by Tisserant.

Other design elements alter the interpersonal dynamics of the space. Instead of rectangular desks, for instance, PYR custom designed elegant round tables. These are meant to break down the barrier between guest and host, making the retail experience feel more social and less transactional.Four Seasons Hotel George V, ParisPerhaps the most striking room in the building is the solarium on the first floor known as the “Winter Garden”. An homage to the natural world that inspired founder Frédéric Boucheron, the Winter Garden is encased in glass custom etched with images of tree foliage and unfurling ferns. Floors of green marble give the space a lush, verdant feel year-round.
Winter Garden, Four Seasons Hotel George V, ParisDue west and just steps away from the Champs-Élysées stands another iconic PYR renovation project, the Four Seasons Hotel George V. Built in 1928, the legendary luxury property recalls the grand hotels of the 18th and 19th centuries. The hotel has since been distinguished with a “Palace” status by the French Minister of Tourism, recognizing five-star hotels that embody the very finest standards of French excellence.

“From its grand opening 20 years ago, PYR is honored to continue to create new experiences within the Four Seasons Hotel George V to this day. Our intent is always to share the timeless feeling of luxury, elegance, beauty, and the French way of life, with guests from all over the world.” Pierre-Yves Rochon

On-site restaurants like the Michelin-starred Le George have a distinctly Parisian feel. Tones of white along with vaulted ceilings enhance the natural light that shines in from the adjacent marble courtyard. After sunset, the space basks in the warm grandeur of a 2.5 meter-wide Baccarat crystal chandelier designed by PYR while custom door panels and credenzas produced by the famed French glassmaker Lalique glisten in the light.Le George, Four Seasons Hotel George V, ParisThe newly renovated Le Spa takes inspiration from the ancient bath traditions of the Greece, Rome, and Turkey. A swimming pool with a beautiful 55-foot mosaic made with glass tiles by Sicis catches the eye immediately upon entry.Le Spa, Four Seasons Hotel George V, ParisElsewhere in the spa, elegant bas reliefs and mosaic patterns evoke the beauty of the natural world.Four Seasons Hotel George V, ParisClassical aesthetics combine seamlessly with contemporary sensibilities at every turn. The  hotel’s Penthouse Suite embodies this design approach. The bedroom area is swathed in shades of champagne and gold. Antique portraits on the walls are mounted in contemporary frames, subtly communicating the fusion of the classical and the contemporary.Penthouse Suite, Four Seasons Hotel George V, ParisIn contrast, heavy bronze doors cast in lithe and curvaceous lines open to the suite’s winter garden, where guests can enjoy meal in the sunlight. The space is accentuated with motifs of greenery and floral patterns.Suite’s winter Garden, Four Seasons Hotel George V, ParisFinally, the suite’s bathroom takes a decidedly contemporary turn with its angular lines and monolithic slabs of marble. Tones of beige and bronze accentuated create a warm soothing effect, the perfect setting for a relaxing soak in an infinity tub and views to the twinkling city lights of Paris.Suite’s Bathroom, Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris

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