Per Favore, Ask for Alonzo! Wholesome Feel-Good Italian Eats at New Tai Hang Hide-Out

Neighbourhood trattoria Ask for Alonzo opens its much anticipated second location in Tai Hang this weekend. The cosy 35-seater with a chilled outdoor terrace will be a welcome new addition to the vibrant district.

Ask for Alonzo

Ask for Alonzo’s menu is packed with generations worth of family secrets, with each delicious dish telling a different story from Alonzo’s life. The hearty, affordable menu features a variety of quintessentially Italian recipes inspired by home-cooking, presenting a huge selection of delicious pasta creations to feast on.

We particularly love the Deluxe Spaghetti Carbonara. The velvety dish is served with premium Italian wheat pasta and topped with wholesome shavings of Roman guanciale pork, brought from Italy by Alonzo himself. With each twirl of the fork, spaghetti is coated in a smooth carbonara sauce and finished with an authentic grind of black pepper.

 Deluxe Rigatoni Amatriciana

Deluxe Rigatoni Amatriciana

Ask for Alonzo doesn’t hold back with the Deluxe Rigatoni Amatriciana either. A recipe tried and tested by the man himself, it features a rich, homemade Amatriciana Sauce made from fresh tomatoes blended with chopped onion to complement the thinly sliced guanciale ham.

Cocktails are equally authentic. From Grandpa’s Negroni to Auntie Maria Aperol and Alonzo’s G&T the drinks selection is inspired by family members and nostalgic childhood memories. Drinks are garnished with only the freshest fruit and herbs, to reflect Alonzo’s earliest memories of picking sprigs of thyme from his family garden.

A great selection of only Italian great value wines have also been hand-picked for friends to pair with their meals, with prices starting at just HK$58 a glass.

Who is this elusive Alonzo? Ah, well that would be telling.



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