Intergenerational Travel – 2019 Travel Trends (1)

Intergenerational Travel – 2019 Travel Trends (1)

From robot customer service to intergenerational travel, as we approach the Year of the Pig, GHC predicts the travel trends for 2019 and the coming New Year holiday. Read below for a glimpse of what the future holds for the travel industry.


Chinese intergenerational family travel will continue to rise, with families travelling together to destinations like Tanzania for bespoke safari trips and excursions to Iceland.


Unexplored and remote destinations will be a trend for 2019 travellers. Popular locations are becoming less attractive in an attempt to avoid crowded tourist spots.


Generation Z and Millennial travellers will continue to grow and impact the travel industry. By 2020, Gen Z is already poised to become the largest generation of consumers, set to bring their digital influence to the travel sector.


AI and robot technology is playing a key part in travel needs, like luggage tracking, keyless room access and robot customer service. Augmented reality will attract travellers in 2019 helping to familiarise them with a destination in preparation for the trip.


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