Bite-sized Travel Soars – 2019 Travel Trends (2)

Bite-sized Travel Soars – 2019 Travel Trends (2)

“Bite-sized Travel” and “Central Asia”, – just two of the top themes that will be influencing travel trends in 2019. Read on for the travel predictions from GHC Asia part 2.


More travellers plan to take weekend trips in 2019, giving rise to the term ‘bite-sized travel’. Curated travel itineraries, with shorter time frames will target those pushed for time.

Sustainability continues to be a major element in 2019. More travellers are taking part in initiatives that offset their carbon footprint, whilst helping communities through volunteering projects or conscious choices to create positive environmental impacts.

Holiday-makers are choosing destinations deemed as ‘insta-worthy’, based on photogenic spots to capture on the social platform.


The Silk Road’s rich heritage and beautiful architecture is luring more tourists to Central Asia, with more international flight routes becoming available.

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