4 tips for using big data to drive PR success

4 tips for using big data to drive PR success

This is the age of Big Data, everyone is talking about it. It affects every industry and every department within many brands. As PR practitioners, how do we drive PR success with the best use of Big Data?

Here are 4 tips for using Big Data that will take your PR campaigns to the next stage!

Objective setting – Analyze the data you have collected from surveys, audits, social media, press review etc. Determinate where your starting point is and what is lacking in your brand/ business. Looking at the data and pairing it with real-world insight will help you set the right goals.

Strategy development – Track the data you have and see what your target audience habits are. Do they read articles in the morning or night? Do they prefer watching videos or reading text? Are they “social first” or a more traditional group? Carefully consolidate your data and make good use of insights you obtained. Apply the findings to your strategy to ensure a beneficial outcome.

Execution – Which location is the best to launch your product for the audiences you identified? When is the best timing for talking to media? Does the journalist you want to pitch like beef or if she a mummy interested in parenting topics? Big data backs you up and gives you a track record, allowing you to better achieve the expected result. It also helps brands keep a more personal and close relationship with all stakeholders including journalists and customers!

Evaluation – Evaluating the success of a campaign is no longer just measuring advertising value, page views or impressions. Try to make use of big data to complement traditional data sources, amplify your campaign effectiveness through tracking real time customer/ journalists’ comments, snapshots as well.

Big data is essential for all PR practitioners now, however, be aware of possible issues with privacy and handle your data carefully!



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